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Facebook Issues 3rd Government Requests Report (Censorship and User Information)

Facebook came out last week with its third Government Requests Report that compiles data regarding requests by governments around the world from January to July 2014 to (i) take down information or (ii) obtain user information from Facebook. India led the requests for censoring material on Facebook, with 4,960 pieces of content removed upon India's government's request. Turkey was second (1,893 pieces of content taken down), Pakistan third (1,773 pieces of content taken down), and Germany fourth (34 pieces of content taken down).  Facebook follows requests to remove content if the content is illegal under the local law.  The United States came in first for requests for user data by far, with 15,433 requests (of which 80.15% were allowed by Facebook in some respect).  India came in second with 4,559 requests (of which 50.87% were allowed).


We like Facebook's use of the world map, of course.  But, for a leading social media, the map itself is not very interactive.      

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