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China to use Damnu to censor live comments on video streaming sites

On Tuesday, internet security authorities in Shanghai, China declared they would be overseeing Damnu. Damnu, which means “barrage” or “bullet screen,” refers to real-time comments on online videos. All websites will be required to filter out words that violate laws, and must assign staff to review all online comments in real time. 

This is one part of the country’s aim to regulate Internet. Along with the Shanghai police shutting down and checking more than a million live broadcasting hosts, China has made spreading online rumors a criminal offense. China has also allowed online chatroom conversations to be accepted as legal evidence in courts.

David Bandurski, researcher for the University of Hong Kong’s China Media Project, has referred to the declaration as a “cat and mouse game.” He believes authorities want complete control of online information, but also seek to have increased internet activity to boost the economy.  Despite China’s effort to regulate internet activity and enhance cybersecurity, censoring live streaming content may prove to be difficult. [More from South China Morning Post]

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