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Alt-R group subverts trademarks and other terms to avoid Google's censorship of hate speech and offensive terms

‘Free Speech’ trolls have created a new internet language to avoid censorship. The movement, called the alt-right, is standing up against major tech firms such as Google after they announced the launch of a system called Conversation Al. Conversation Al detects and censors words which Google has determined to be offensive. Google has defended their program as a way of taking on trolling and making the internet a safer space. However, critics of Conversation Al fear this project will kill free internet speech.

As a response to Conversation Al, the alt-right movement, led by various online communities, has created a scheme called Operation Google. Operation Google replaces offensive words with more acceptable-sounding terms in an effort to force the tech giant to self-censor.

Glossary of Hate Speech 

  • Black person – Google
  • Muslim – Skittle
  • Jew- Skype
  • Transgender – Durden
  • Mexican – Yahoo
  • Liberals – Car Salesman
  • Chinese – Bing
  • Conservatives – Reagans
  • Lesbian – Fishbucket
  • Libertarian – A Leppo
  • Gay man – Butterfly
  • Source: The Sun

The campaign is urged to target black people on Twitter or Facebook with slurs and other offensive content. A flurry of offensive memes has followed. Among them is an image of a lynching with the caption ‘Google Hangout.’

Despite Google’s efforts to create a safe space it seems the alt-righters are determined to make censorship difficult for the tech giant. [More from The Sun (UK)]

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